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Welcome to my shop for handmade, felted wool products. Contact me for more information or custom orders. 

More cats! - Handmade from wool

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Brand: Kandinsky Studio

Handmade, felted wool hand puppets (and piggy bank), which will delight children and adults alike! These unique felted cats can be a friend, companion and comfort to their new pal, whether young or old.

• Approximately 10" L x 9" W.
• Designed for use by adults and children.
• Easily washable with soap and water followed by air-drying.
• Handmade using 100% natural wool.
Puppets enliven the imagination, improve one's mood, animate stories, all without the use of screens! - a rarity in our modern world. These cats are at home anywhere - from a house or school, to an office or clinic. Buy now and delight in the simplicity of this traditional toy!

These puppets are created with 100% wool (*some with additional viscose highlights). The body is made using the wet felting technique (using only soap and water) and the facial and bodily features are enhanced with dry (needle) felting. While sturdy and durable, I recommend supervision when in the hands of children.

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