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Androids or homo roboticus, explores the interplay between biology and technology. I have always enjoyed the ubiquity of androids in the fictional work of Philip K. Dick and decided to explore the topic’s relevance to the modern day. The idea that someday the human body and mind is going to be integrated with technology is no longer science fiction, and neither is the fact that it will be increasingly harder for us to even tell the difference. We are advancing

technology to mimic biology, integrating our knowledge into ourselves and artificial intelligence systems. We may all have doppelgangers to provide us with biological parts, or may just run some circuits through ourselves and let a machine do the heavy lifting. Our mentality is being advanced towards ever more technological dependence, and android­-like traits are being bred and encouraged for higher efficiency. The cloned profile of all of the figures in the series represents the state of homogeneity to which technology may bring us, when we can design humans as we're now designing robots. After the convergence of robot and human biotechnology, how much longer will it be before we arrive at homo roboticus? 

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