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October 2023: The annual Bemis Benefit Art Auction is just around the corner! Works are already available to view and purchase at Buy It Now prices here

Benefit exhibition opens: October 13.

Auction event: October 27.

Superpresent Magazine: I have a few pieces from my newest series featured in this recent issue. Go here to download the magazine. 

I have uploaded a new time-lapse video showing the needle-felting process for Lagena

September 2023: A piece will be featured in the Nebraska Biennial Juried Exhibition at Gallery 1516, opening September 8th. More information can be found here.

August 2023: Artwork from the series "Dawning" is featured in the recent edition of The Woven Tale Press. There's beautiful artwork and interesting prose to be found here:

I have uploaded a new time-lapse video showing the needle-felting process:

July 2023: I am beginning a new series of felted works based on the scientific illustrations of Ernst Haeckel. Machine stitching is also being introduced into my work again after many years.  I'm excited to be able to undertake this task, as I have been inspired by his work for many years. If you haven't seen his work yet, check out the book "Kunstformen der Natur" (available all over the web, as it is no longer under copyright).

A piece from the Frutex series is featured in the 3D virtual exhibition, "Illuminating the Beauty of Science".  The exhibition was organized by Suboart Magazine. View the exhibition and see how other artists interpreted the theme here.

December 2022: Four art quilts are featured in a group show at Landen Prather Gallery, Villa Rica, Georgia. The show "Anchored" will be on display from 17 December to February 20th. More information at Landen Prather Gallery. After that, the pieces will be available on Artsy.

Kandinsky Studio update: As of March 10th, 2022 my Etsy store "Kandinsky Studio" has been temporarily suspended due to current world events. I am launching my own SHOP here, so check it out! 

March 2022: A piece of mine is featured in the new SAQA art quilt book, "Around the World: Exploring Art Quilts with SAQA" (2022). You can find it on the site of Schiffer publishing, or, of course, on Amazon.

Patchwork Professional (Germany) - Im Interview: Shea Wilkinson

April 2020, available for purchase:

Art Quilting Studio Magazine- Series Showcase

"Parallel Worlds," by Shea Wilkinson

June 2019, available for purchase:

Featured in Woven Tale Press - Read the issue here


There's a feature about my work in Omaha's Jan/Feb Inspired Living Magazine: Read it here

An article that I wrote about the map series has been published in the Spring issue of Surface Design Journal. Read it here:  "First Person"








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