2021 - present

This work is a transition from art quilts into felted and stitched artworks. There's an interplay at work between anonymous figures, light and shadows, though I'm not ready yet to interpret the theme still in development.  

Condensing detail_web.jpg

Parallel Worlds

2016 - 2018


We are surrounded by spaces we can not see or feel, locked in a cube, traveling within unknown fields. These pieces are inspired by the realms of the three dimensional and beyond. 

Early Discoveries: Maps

2015 - 2017


This series comes from an appreciation of the beauty of early cartography, particularly the maps created by Lewis and Clark on their expedition across North America.


2015 - 2016


This series explores the interplay between biology and technology. In the future, where will humans end and androids begin?



2014 - 2016

Small collections of work and wearable art

X-Ray Contour Maps



This series depicts x-ray contour maps of the visible universe. View the topography of star clusters, giant gas clouds, and distant galaxies parading about the heavens.





This series originates from microscopic images of plant cross-sections.



The Story



This series reflects on the ancient prowess and mystery of serpents, shown through the lens of biological forms.

The Cave



This series is inspired by ancient cave paintings from around the globe. 




This series follows the narrative of an otherworldly experience.

Blog posts from the studio

Hand Puppets



This work features unique characters created from wool using wet and dry felting techniques

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