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Where to put your tooth fairy money?

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Hot off the press - a felted wool piggy bank!

Don't know where to put that annoying spare change which usually just falls between the couch cushions or is left laying around the car? How about trying out this adorable kitty piggy bank? Find it here on Etsy.

Here's the various steps of it's creation:

I tested out a 3-D template consisting of a jar, a bowl and some foam. This was a complete experiment as I usually use a 2-D template. But I thought it was worth a try in order to make the form round with less arm work.

Covered my template with wool. I realized this was not the best way to create the form, but you live and learn.

Part of the face is needle felted.

Here's the piggy bank being used.


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